racing tattoos

Create a custom temporary tattoo to carry your message on race day. Choose a photo tattoo or one of our other designs.

Dedicate your race to a loved one, give yourself a goal, or just have some outrageous fun. We can feature a photo or graphics and text to put your own special stamp on your race.

Choose from one of our current designs (and add your custom touches) or work from a clean slate and design your own. Each order normally comes with 2 copies of your tattoo, depending on the tattoo size.

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get started

Choose from one of the different designs below, and then add your custom touch.

photo tattoos - $10 for a set of 2

select this design: Photo Tattoo

We'll crop your photo to make it pop out in a colored badge or sunburst heart. Choose a photo to upload, pick color, and add the words that will make this design special to you.

Style:Red Badge Purple & Green Badge

Select a photo:

just names - $8 for a set of 2

select this design: Name Tattoo

Make your name or a favorite short saying for your arm to get you noticed! We'll make your words fit boldly on a tattoo 8" tall!

time tattoos - $8 for a set of 2

select this design: Time is of the essence

Whether it is your Boston time or your PR to beat, this tattoo will keep your eye on the prize. Select why the time matters, the finish time, and a motivating message (choose one of ours or make your own).

The time: : :

animal tattoos - $8 for a set of 2

select this design: Run like an animal

You always wanted a dragon or tiger tattoo. Now is your chance to have a racing beast crawl down your arm with some vicious text of your choosing.

Beast: Tiger Dragon

Text (will be in a block below the animal):

"Badness" tattoos - $8 for a set of 2

select this design: Bad to the bone

Create your own deathly lettering to go below in classic gothic lettering and pick a distance that will go with your sinister new friend..

Badness: Skull Devil


Sinister text:

some favorite designs - $4.00 for a set of 2

select this design: A few favorite designs

Choose one of our own designs for some race-day fun..

The design:

almost done

important note - our supplier of temporary tattoo materials does not recommend these tattoos for women who are pregnant or nursing, or children under 12 (not because they know of a problem, but because they do not know every ink or toner used to print their tattoos). People with sensitive skin are advised to use caution - we include a small sample tattoo with your order that you can test if in doubt. We do not recommend applying tattoos to the face.

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