create your smartpace bands
set of 3 for $7.50

To get started, tell us the distance, pick a race and some encouraging words. You'll pick your race times on the next page.

Each order includes a set of 3 bands - you can mix and match finish times and strategies to have the perfect goal on race day in case the weather or your knee is not cooperating.

We'll also send you a link to our unique, free "Chase Chart" to help spectators find you on the course based on your custom plan and the start time.

the race

Choose yours from our list of races. If you don't see yours, select "Add a new race" and if a map exists, we can pace it!

Note: Complimentary SmartPace bands, courtesy of the races, will be handed out by SmartPacing pacers at the following races: Kansas City Marathon and Prairie Fire, using our warm up strategy and the pace group times.

We can also customize pace bands for 50K, 10 mile, 100 mile (seriously?) or other distances (we can even do KM bands). Just ask.

the size

the inspiration

(max 9 characters per line)
[our default phrase is Relax Breathe Focus]

Suggestion: a landscape/wide photo will fit better than a portrait/vertical one.

Our pace bands have a spot to add some encouragement. You can create up to three lines of text (free!), or a photo ($1 extra), to inspire you - maybe the name or picture of someone special, strength words, or a goal.

If you just want words to guide you and you don't care about the pace, check out our Grace Bands.

continue to choose your times

On the next page, you will select your goal times and pacing strategies. You will have the option to customize your own strategy too. You will not see the course changes immediately. We'll send you a full preview with suggested course adjustments to approve (or customize) before mailing your order (if we've reviewed the course recently, you'll get a link right after you order. If it's new or has changed, you'll receive it in about 1-3 days).

"It's hard to beat a person that never gives up." Babe Ruth