MyName bibs
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You know that wearing your name on race day will get you cheers. You also know that writing with a Sharpie will ruin your shirt (or worse), and that duct tape will peel off, making people yell "Holly" instead of "Molly".

MyNames bibs give you a bold way to tell who you are. You can add a message at the bottom to tell people why you are running, or what you want to hear.

Our MyNames bibs are virtually indestructible. Both waterproof and tearproof, they'll last longer than you!

Create your customized bib below. Enter your name, and choose a headline from our options, or create your own message. Then choose a bib theme/color.

We will hand design each one to make it fit just right.

MyNames bibs are great for teams or group events. Contact us for group rates.

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Enter your name exactly as you want it to appear (all CAPS is harder to read fm a distance, so upper and lower case is recommended).

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Pick something you want to hear fans yell when they see you coming! You can start by selecting one of our phrases at the right, and then edit it as you like in the box below, or make your own (please don't cut and paste emojis - they are cute, but they won't save with your order!):


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