grace bands

We believe the body goes where the mind tells it.

Some runners focus on their time for each mile while others focus on things close to the heart: a best friend, a positive thought, something that makes a difference, or their dad.

Create a wrist band for race day that will focus your thoughts mile by mile.

success stories

I also wore one of your grace bands and that really kept me inspired throughout the run.
  - C.H., Dallas, TX

I used the Grace Band in my first marathon! And wow! It was such an amazing thing! I spent about 2 weeks thinking about who/what I would put on it and what mile...and during the entire marathon I had my mind occupied with people and things that were dear to my heart. I get pretty emotional thinking about it right now. I truly felt like I was meditating the entire race. Such a wonderful tool and powerful experience!
  - D.T., Amber, PA

If you just want a single message of strength, inspiration or remembrance, check out our mantra bands.

"The difference between a jogger and a runner is an entry blank. George Sheehan