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Contact us about a question about our products or how to order, large orders, or. special designs for events or groups.

We have lots of ways to make almost any type of event memorable. Our in-house design and printing allows us to meet your imagination.

We have supplied bulk pace bands for races across the country. Our bands are custom designed and printed for each race. We tailor the bands with race and sponsor logos, custom colors and custom times. Pace bands make perfect, affordable giveaways at race expos. We can add changes for the course, or leave them even. No minimum order quantity.

Our full color custom bibs make great special bibs for fundraisers, recongition of race sponsors, or even fun themes for birthday or wedding parties.

Bibs and bands for:

Pace bands for expo giveaways

Team bibs


Wedding showers (for real)

Pace team signs and bands

Bulk bands or bibs

If you have a special cause, we can set up a custom design just for your participants.

If you can think of a way to use bibs or bands to add to your event, we can find a way to help you out.

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