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Send us an email and ask us anything (well, almost).

Contact us about a question about our products or how to order, large orders, or. special designs for events or groups.

Or ask about whether it is ok to drop an empty gel packet in between water stops.


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Help! My race is coming up soon & I haven't ordered yet. Signed, Last Minute Larry.

Deep breaths, Larry. Ordering should be the easy part of your race preparations. If we could run them to you, we would.

If you're out of town, choose Priority Mail to get it there in 2-3 days (though since the USPS does not guarantee delivery on Priority Mail, we cant either).If you need it sooner or are worried about cutting it short, choose Express Mail to get it there overnight.

We do hand-design the bibs so depending on how many orders we have, we can take 2-3 days. If you are sweating (but not from running), let us know your rush & when your race is (in the comment section when you order or use the form at the right). We'll work with you to get it to you or let you know if it's just not possible. (In that case, we have emailed pdf's of our pace bands).

Can you make a virtual race bib?

Sure. We can design a bib and host an easy to use download page that is designed to make printing a snap. We can also offer your virtual runners an affordable purchase option for water-proof printed versions. Contact us for details.

Why don't you make pace tattoos?

Because we think pace bands are better. Reason 1 - it may be cold for your race and tattoos don't show up through long sleeves. Reason 2 - We like to carry goal A, B and C bands and change in the middle of the race if we must - tattoos are kind of permanent. Reason 3 - if things go south, you can't rip off your tattoo, crumple it in disgust, curse it and throw it in the gutter. Instead you must stare down your failure, inked to your arm for the rest of the race, and likely all day and all night. Reason 4 - Tattoos are a real pain to print to order.

Do you visit all the courses that you create pace bands for?

Wouldn't that be the life. No, we have to rely on elevation charts. But for the right price, we will offer personal pacing services, as long as the race is in a nice place, with good weather and you are nice company.

What are your things made of?

Our bibs, pace bands & MyName bibs are printed in full color on tearproof, waterproof paper. It's so waterproof that you can study your pace bands in the shower & they will hold up. Promise.

Our Cheering Signs are printed on a shiny paper that is rain-resistant, but not completely water-"proof".

I have a big event or team & would like to get pricing on a bulk order.

Contact us using the form at the right. Let us know the details (approximate number needed & date of event). We will respond back to you as soon as we get in from our run!

I didn't see a color or design that floats my boat. Can you make a special design?

We will do our best to give your order a special touch. Just ask nicely. If you saw something in our gallery that looks close, tell us which one.

"I ran and ran every day, and I acquired a sense of determination, this sense of spirit that I would never, never give up, no matter what else happened." Wilma Rudolph