free chase charts
chase charts

Our unique, free chase charts help your friends track where you will be on the course, mile by mile, based on the start time of the race - no math required!

Pick your goal time, and then a faster and slower time window, and we'll create a chase chart showing when the earliest and (hopefully) latest you will be at each mile.

After you customize your chart, we'll give you a link to share your chart with family and friends.


full half

goal time

select the goal time you plan to run (hrs:mins)

faster time

pick the fastest time you might finish (hrs:mins)

slower time

pick a later :-( time you might finish (hrs:mins)

pacing strategy

pick a pacing stragey (if you are not sure, pick 'even pace')

start time

when time does your race start?

start delay

: (min:secs)
How long will it take you to get to the starting line? (for example, a 4 hr. runner in Chicago takes about 5 mins. to get to the start, in KC it is about 1 min.).

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