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We would like to tell the Back Story behind some of the bibs that particularly touched us. If you have a special story you would like us to feature, drop us a note

jessica's story - Running for Vera

We recently caught up with Jessica. She is running the Indianapolis Mini Marathon in little Vera's honor in May. She kindly slowed down to talk with us about Team in Training (TNT) and about Vera & her A.L.L. leukemia. (read more)

VERA - her honored patient

Vera is the 4 year old daughter of Jessica's friend, Jill. "Vera was a little under 3 years old when her mom noticed some swollen glands and went to get them checked out. After much testing, they diagnosed her with A.L.L. leukemia.

Vera is doing well. She is a little over a year into her treatment and is facing approximately 2 more years ahead of her. She has had many ups & has been a hard, nasty heart-breaking road for her family, but Vera is strong and brave and FIGHTING THIS LIKE A GIRL!!"

Team in Training

She found out about TNT & joined the Indiana chapter when she learned about Vera's A.L.L. leukemia. She said, "I am blessed to be the mom of 3 kids and when I learned someone I love was going to battle this disease, it became so real and personal."

She has trained for other races on her own & is enjoying the training tips, guides, advice & inspiration TNT offers. "It is so inspirational, helpful and moving....It is a wonderful way to tackle a new challenge while using your own personal health to help a cause much greater than yourself!!"

Vera's parents have said over and over again that the help, education and love from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has really benefitted them. They are passionate about supporting the organization and believe in the work they do.

alternate text Jessica standing with her kids, Jill, Vera, and her running bud, Deann

alternate text Jessica hugging Jill while she holds Vera. Taken after finishing the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon for Vera. "It was an emotional that I won't ever forget."

Her Bibs in honor of Vera

Jessica ordered 12 bibs for Vera's family to wear as they come watch the race. Although Jessica is the only one running the race, Vera has 'an army of supporters.'

She runs for Vera because:

"I love her! I can't fix her - I can't take away the hurt and worry of her parents… I can't cure leukemia alone... but I can run and raise money that will make someone else's journey a bit lighter!"

Her hope is that her bib with Vera's sweet face on it will "spark conversation and prayer support for Miss V. She is an amazing girl - she inspires me."

Jessica, thank you for sharing your story with us. We wish Vera all the best in her treatments.

If you would like to help Jessica raise money for the LLS Society, you can go to their website

Road Warriors for Paul Coverdell

Paul Coverdell was a father of four, husband, runner, and friend who had a terminal illness, ocular melanoma. A race to honor him & raise money, The Coverdell Dash 5K, was in March 2012, which he sadly did not live to run in. One of the members of his running club, the Road Warriors, contacted us & we were honored to design a bib which reflected his spirit with the purple camouflage & logo of the Road Warriors.

"When my grandmother was sixty, her doctor suggested she get out and walk 5 miles a day. She's eighty - seven now and we don't know where the hell she is." unknown