Races2Remember started in 2007 with custom back bibs, now help thousands of more runners each year with custom pace bands.

R2R is fueled by Molly & Al, a husband and wife running team in Kansas City, with about 40 marathons between us. We used to laugh at the crazy people running in sub-zero weather, until we became them, black toenails and all.

We started Races2Remember as a way to help other people express why they run and help them hit their goals.

After seeing too many people at races wearing photos wrapped in Glad Wrap or shirts marked with Sharpies, we couldn't find anyone doing it right, so we worked to create our BackStories bibs. We've made many hundreds of bibs, from tough fights with cancer, to weddings and 50 Staters. We're honored that so many have trusted us to help them create just the right bib.

While one of has been the heart of the runner, empathizing with every story, the other has been the somewhat obsessive brain, counting the seconds necessary to nail a pace. We spent endless hours tinkering with Excel to make our own pace charts that would mix the pace for our hilly Kansas City courses with a pacing strategy that did not start out too fast (our local running group made us believers in the "Warm up slowly" smart pace strategy).

The pace bands we made for ourselves started getting around to all of our friends, and then we started making them for the Kansas City Marathon by the thousands. So, we started making them for everyone.

Now we have charted over 900 different courses for runners in the US, Canada and Europe. We have guided hundreds to PR's and BQ times (we sometimes even follow our own advice ;) And our bands are now handed out in bulk at many races around the country.

We love helping runners meet their goals, and now count many of our customers as friends. Your co-workers may not want to hear about your PR, but you can always email us, and we will share your joy.

Our past marathons (both pacing and racing) include: Twin Cities (x5); Boston (x4); Grandma's (x2); Chicago; Green Bay (x2); Kansas City (x8); California International (x2); GO! St. Louis (x3); Tulsa (x2); Lincoln (x2); Lewis & Clark (x2); Via of the Lehigh Valley; Lincoln (x3); Bass Pro Springfield (x2); Poconos Run for the Red (x2); Mo' Cowbell; Olathe Marathon; North Face - Bear Mountain; North Face - Kansas City 50k; Gobbler Grind (x2); Sioux Falls (x2); last and not least pacing part of the Leadville 100 and Heartland 100.

SmartPacing is a joint project of Races2Remember and Coach Eladio Valdez of The Runners Edge, which brings Coach Valdez's SmartPace strategy to Pace Teams for races throughout the midwest.

Happy racing - Molly & Al

"Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started" Steve Prefontaine